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Chemical properties of 1,4-butyrolactone

Time:2021-05-20 Source: Yuyuan chemical Click:125

It is stable in neutral medium, easy to produce reversible hydrolysis in hot alkali and lactone when pH returns to neutral, but slow in acid medium.
It is miscible with water and soluble in methanol, ethanol, ether, acetone, benzene and carbon tetrachloride
Note: it is flammable liquid, and avoid direct contact with fire source.
Toxicity: low toxicity. The oral LD50 of mice was 345 mg / kg.
There are many derivatives of 1,4-butyrolactone, which can produce different products through a variety of reactions
Hydrolyzable formation γ- Hydroxybutyric acid can be used as a special plasticizer of resin and pharmaceutical intermediate;
It can be oxidized to succinic acid; 4-hydroxybutyraldehyde was reduced to 1,4-butanediol;
Condensable generation α,α- Dihydroxy ketal;
It can react with CH3NH2 to form N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone;
Tetrahydrofuran can be formed;
It can react with SO3 to form butyrolactone- α- Sulfonic acid;
It can react with NaCN to form 2-piperidone;
It can react with CO to form glutaric acid;
It can react with NaOH to form 4,4-oxobutanoic acid;
It can react with Na2S to form thiosuccinic acid;
It can react with Na2SO3 γ- Sodium sulfobutyrate.