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Application of 1-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone

Time:2021-05-20 Source: Yuyuan chemical Click:85

1. The monomer can be added to the formulation of UV curable coatings to form a flexible and hard plastic film. Adding NVP to radiation medical formula can improve the elongation and viscosity of high gloss and low gloss coatings.
2. The main reasons for the application of scatter coating in furniture industry are to enhance the performance of products, improve productivity and reduce the pressure of environmental pollution. The addition of NVP to the UV resistant coatings used in the wood flooring industry can provide the equivalent physical properties of waxless flooring.
3. Ub and EB curing coatings used in papermaking and paperboard generally require low viscosity and high reactivity. NVP meets these standards by improving fluidity and measurement level, and maintains good curing characteristics.